“The spin side of public space is private space. Public space as a site for display, private space as a site of production. Public space as a site of encounter, private space as a site for reflection. As we move into winter, pea looks to consider dialogues between public and private.”

pea proposals Sept 2017
pea proposals is a research group that looks at the politics of public art. Founded in June 2015 by Sarah Staton and Demelza Watts.

pea proposals embrace ‘politics with a small p’, paraphrasing Gregory Sholette, for whom politics is ‘understood as the imaginative exploration of ideas, the pleasure of communication, the exchange of education, and the construction of fantasy, all within a radically defined social-artist practice’.

Our Studios: 

Bromely High Street, 
London E3

Doughty Street 
London WC1N
(C) pea proposals