Launched in January 2017, pea proposals interview series talking with different people, practitioners, patrons, producers about public art, and their public art projects.

Public Art

Public Art Questions 1.0: Jes Fernie

In this text, pea proposals talks with curator and writer Jes Fernie about her project Flood House (2016-17). Flood House is a prototype structure that is both a practical and poetic investigation into the living conditions of a seasonally flooded landscape. It functions as part projected future dwelling and part practical laboratory, monitoring the very particular weather conditions of the Thames Estuary in southeast England.
        Image: Warren Andrews, Selkirk Road

Image: Nicola Gustamacchia, London (behind walls)


Spotlight is a series of short texts in which pea proposals invites artists/curators/writers to talk about public spaces and/or features that interest them. 

Spotlight Series 1.0: Nicola Guastamacchia

In this text Guastamacchia tells us about London (behind the walls).

Spotlight Series 2.0: Tom Railton

In this text Railton tells us about The Three Tuns, The Bullyard, CV1. .

Spotlight Series 3.0: Warren Andrews

In this text Andrews talks about fly tipping on Selkirk Road, Tooting, London . .

Spotlight Series 4.0: Myfanwy Macleod

In this text Macleod writes about how public intoxication has been represented, exploring this as a way to understand issues of gender, space and drunkenness.

More coming soon...

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