Public art is always art.
Patricia C Phillips
the current anxiety about the ownership of public space is much less relevant than their management
– and their design.
Professor Susannah Hagan
Sitting in the art consuming life.
Franz West on Rome's Spanish Steps

Art in the public interest is a revitalisation of the historical avant garde's effort to integrate art and everyday life.
Arlene Raven

'Then what are we fighting for?'
Winston Churchill - Responding to proposals to cut arts funding during World War 11
Public art is...
'accessible work of any kind that cares about, challenges, involves, and consults the audience for or with whom it was made, respecting community and environment'.
Lucy Lippard

Making time for Design is the first rule of good design involving artists.
Chris Smith, ex Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

If you want change you must be prepared to think differently
The function of public art is to de-design.
Vito Acconci
An artist must never be a prisoner. Prisoner? An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success, etc.
Henri Matisse

The public needs art - and it is the responsibility of a 'self-proclaimed artist' to realize that the public needs art, and not to make bourgeois art for a few and ignore the masses.
Keith Haring

Art is language and public art is public speech.
Jonathan Jones, The Guardian
Artists are not miracle workers – they’re just another alternative.
Mary Jane Jacobs
Art should never try to be popular. The public should try to make itself artistic.
Oscar Wilde

Artists, designers, planners and architects alike must face the challenge of defining public space, as an opportunity to create or improve the sense of community among those who will determine the use, or abandonment of a place.
Ethan Kane, from Ars Poetica, 2004

Just as the development of earth art and installation art stemmed from the idea of taking art out of the galleries, the basis of my involvement with public art is a continuation of wall drawings.
Sol LeWitt
Public art can be static, moving, part of the infrastructure or a projection of light and sound. It can last for a minute, a day, a year or a lifetime.
Pavel Buchler

a time when art might be considered not as a separable category, in its own arena and with its own products, but as an atmosphere instilled, almost secretly, within other categories of life.
Vito Acconci

There is no such thing as a ‘public artist’, just artists who work in a variety of contexts./
Art is an activating agent.
Mel Gooding
Bring artists in as creative thinkers, not just as makers of objects.
Jeff Kelley
Public art, in all its diversity, can mediate all spaces as Places.
John Newling
The new public art demands and invites communication and the engagement of others.
Mary Jane Jacob

Modern society undoubtedly needs creativity and vision more than it needs works of art... It needs artists with their ways of doing things more than it needs the things they make. It needs them for what they ‘are’ rather than for what they ‘do’.
Pavel Buchler

Public art revises the present of art and conjectures its future:...
Vito Acconci
Abstract space becomes particular place.
Jeff Kelley
Public art is about the free field, the play of creative vision.
Patricia Phillips

Art isn't necessary anymore as a field, a profession; art is no longer a noun, it [has] become a verb. Art is nothing but a general attitude of thickening the plot.
Vito Acconci

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.
Leo Tolstoy
Public art is not an art form, it’s simply a way of improving the changing environment through the arts.
Malcolm Miles

Just as an individual person dreams fantastic happenings to release the inner forces which cannot be encompassed by ordinary events, so too a city needs its dreams.
Christopher Alexander

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